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The Bright Red Line

  The headship authority of the husband over his wife is the “bright red line” that is avoided at all costs within the feminized church because what Scripture says on the subject (and the concomitant implications of what Scripture does … Continue reading

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Summa Contra Divorcio

Summa Contra Divorcio Marriage is to be for life and the fact a man is not prohibited by God from having more than one wife is the context to view what comes next.  Pay particular attention to God speaking to … Continue reading

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Marriages Go Their Own Way II

As was laid out in part one, there is a specific form of marriage that can be arranged to offer maximum protection based on the fundamental rights of religious free exercise, right to marry and right to contract.  However, this … Continue reading

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Marriages Go Their Own Way, Part I

The question is asked, ‘how do we fix the mess we’re in now that the Feminist Imperative has pretty much destroyed marriage as an institution?’  I disagree with the idea of abandoning marriage but this is a classic puritan vs … Continue reading

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What’s the Biblical model for husbands?

If the model for Christian wives is found in Proverbs 31, then the model for Christian husbands isn’t Jesus, but rather Job.  Take a look at Job describing himself.  “When I went out to the gate of the city, when … Continue reading

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