In Search Of Understanding: Nothing Is What It Seems

The question was recently raised at a Labor Day family get-together:  Why are so many women in America just plain batshit-crazy?  It’s a good question, and I think the answer has several components.

On one level, I believe women suffer an increasingly severe level of cognitive dissonance and guilt for acting in a way that is so contrary to the way God designed them.  They have embraced feminism, rebelled against God, destroyed their families, abused their children, played the whore and otherwise seared their conscience.  God is not mocked, and when one sows the seeds of unrighteousness on will reap a bitter harvest.

Most people think Romans 1:26 is talking about lesbian sex.  It isn’t.  When one considers all the nuances of the phrase “natural function” that can be applied to women, sex is a very small part of the whole.  Given that this is within the context of rejecting the authority of God and His structure in which woman was created from man and for man within marriage, there are many ways in which women can exchange the natural function for the unnatural without ever getting in bed with another woman.

On another level, Americans in general and women in particular have been subjected to the most fantastic and systematic head-game the world has ever seen.  Quite literally, nothing is what it seems.

Everyone needs to get to know about the research of a guy named Antony C. Sutton.

Sutton was a brilliant man, a trained researcher, who gathered and published a lot of information that was quite embarrassing to the power elite.  Probably the best proof that he was correct was that he was simply ignored by everyone who should have taken it upon themselves to repudiate his research.  Nobody wanted to argue with him because he had an irrefutable set of facts that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that we live in an Orwellian world in which nothing is as it seems.  These books are all now available for free online:  Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, and Wall Street and FDR.

Why do I bring this up?  Because one of Suttons’ friends was Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt.  Both her father and her grandfather were alumni of Yale and her father was a member of the Order of Skull and Bones.  Sutton had long wondered at the conspiracy that had worked to enable all the things he’d previously written about and she provided Sutton with the missing piece of the puzzle, a list of of the secret membership roster of the Order of Skull and Bones.  With this, and based on all the previous research he’d done, he wrote his magnum opus:  “America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones.”  He proved the conspiracy theory.

Mrs. Iserbyt was a senior policy analyst for the Department of Education.  She wrote a book called “the deliberate dumbing down of america” (download for free here) which describes the true methods and goals of the American public education system.  A better read is “The Underground History of American Education” by John Taylor Gatto (Read for free here).  They both explain the truth that most Americans don’t want to hear:  For almost fifty years, the American public has been deliberately manipulated, dumbed down, lied to and traumatized in order that they might be controlled.  And it goes further than that; just ask Aaron Russo:

Then comes the issue of drugs.  It is reported that one in four American women are being prescribed some form of medication for mental health.  The majority of these prescriptions are for Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRI’s).  Why is this so bad?  Because  of what SSRI’s do, and the long term effects on the brain.  Listen to the testimony of people who’ve tried to get off this train.  Look at what this is doing to your brain.SSRI’s.  Just don’t.  Don’t take them and avoid women who do.  Remember: a junkie is a junkie is a junkie.

I’m a fan of the blog Shrink4men by Dr Tara J. Palmatier, PsyD.  The Shrink4Men blog is painful to read, especially for me, because there are hundreds and hundreds of comments by men who describe the same kind of hell in their lives that my wife put me through.  It was difficult to read her post “25 Signs Your Narcissistic or Borderline Wife or Girlfriend is Traumatizing You” and realize that I’d been traumatized.  In fact, when I displayed the predictable post-traumatic symptoms, that was used to further traumatize me.  Yet, I was forced to accept that I was married to a Narcissistic personality disorder type who is still doing everything in her power to emotionally abuse me… and since I’m no longer available she abuses our children in order to hurt me.

I believe there’s a strong link between feminism,  the narcissistic, hysterical and borderline personality disorders (the ‘cluster B’ stuff) that women are increasingly suffering from and the massive mental rape that’s been inflicted on the American people.  Rape is an ugly word, but perhaps it isn’t correct.  What the American people have been subjected to is an institutional form of conversion and retention techniques that were inflicted on them as children.  It is only by recognizing what’s been done to them that they can begin the process of recovery and healing.

Want to help someone swallow the Red Pill?  It begins with understanding how they got programmed with the Blue Pill.

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6 Responses to In Search Of Understanding: Nothing Is What It Seems

  1. infowarrior1 says:

    Have you been in contact with your children?

  2. Andrea Renee says:

    Dude wow. Have you heard Paul washer talk about the education system and how logic how taugh to ( I belive) second graders. Alot of what I’ve on Jewish culture that The Lord grow up sound that like what you’re describing… I like this blog

    • I don’t normally get that reaction from women. But, be aware, I’m somewhat controversial. Notorious, actually. Many will tell you that I’m a heretic and a misogynist, or better yet, a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Back when Sunshine Mary was blogging, I did a guest post on her blog that offended quite a few people.

      There are also some rather offensive things I’ve written (so I’m told) on this (my) blog. If you read through the link above, which is painful, you’ll find that as one of the commenters pointed out, most everybody there was simply arguing their catechism.

      When one backs up and looks at the big picture, the amount of projection going on is breathtaking. I looked up Paul Washer. He seems to be a serious outlier when compared to the majority of the Southern Baptist Convention, but in a good way.

  3. Andrea Renee says:

    Hey I saw that post about men a rule over his wife. Look as a chick raise in feministic world I want to make the point that God has authority and the man has sewer ship over the wife whom ( belong to reality God as ether an unsaved creation or as saved daughter). That is way a wife should obey her husband up to sin: it honored God.
    I had stop reading at the Multiple wives in the bed Part. I don’t think I respond In right to it .

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