Feminist Delusions of Beauty

Heidi Montagg27 year old Heidi Montag in a bikini. Most men would consider her to be a good-looking woman, if not beautiful.  It’s often said that a wife’s first duty to her husband is to maintain her beauty.  What does that mean?  It means “don’t get fat.”  To give you an idea about bodyfat on women, let’s use the following chart.


I have questioned a number of men between the ages of 19 and 50, (N=30) who are all pretty much in agreement that ripped chick #1 isn’t attractive.  However, the women in frames #2-4 were all considered very physically attractive.  A few of the men considered the woman in frame #5 attractive, but I suspect it’s because the size of her boobs balances out the size of her butt.   Proportion has a lot to do with the perception of beauty and a woman with DD-cups can carry some weight on the back end without looking fat, whereas if she was flat-chested she’d be pear-shaped.  It’s the same with men- a man with a naturally thick waist has to keep his body-fat low and work on his chest and shoulders in order to get an attractive “V-shape” and even a bit of a spare-tire ruins the effect.

After that, #6 was considered attractive by one guy.  The women in the bottom three frames were all universally considered unattractive,  with #8 and #9 described as obese, gross and “hideous.”

When asked if any of the women in these frames could be described as a “Big Beautiful Woman” over half stated that there was no way to describe a woman as both big and beautiful.  Of the men (uniformly from mid-thirties to mid forties) who could buy into the meme of the BBW, only #6 in the lineup above got tagged as a BBW.  The bottom row was simply fat or obese.

The obvious take-away is that men are attracted to beautiful women and anything more than 25% bodyfat on a woman is not consistent with beauty.  Granted, this can be stretched out to 30% or maybe a little more for those guys who want some cushion on their woman, but classic beauty like Julianne Hough displays below calls for about 15% to 20% bodyfat.

Julianne Hough

Warning!  This is a gag and barf warning.  One of the photos that follows is about a feminist’s view of herself as being beautiful.  Those with a weak constitution and small children should leave now.  You have been warned.

Feminism is the religion in which beauty is replaced by ugly and ugly is glorified.  Thirty four year old Denise Jolly, from Berkeley California (Berkeley- imagine that) started the   “Be Beautiful Project” which involved her taking photos of herself, barely dressed, in public places as a way to affirm her beauty and accept herself.  Follow that link at your own risk.  This is what Ms. Jolly looks like:


Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said ”

‘I’ve been socialized my whole life to not like myself because I’m large,’ Denise explained. ‘I’ve been big my whole life, and the likelihood of me being small is an impossibility.’

So instead of striving to be something she wasn’t, Denise opted to reclaim her body and her self-confidence by sharing photos of herself in her most vulnerable state.

And this, displaying her 311 pound female form in public, is how she went about “reclaiming” her body:


Folks, she’s 34 years old.  Just going by her facial structure, she could drop 150 to 170 pounds and make herself attractive, but that would be to admit that beauty and attractiveness are in the eyes of the beholding MEN.  According to the chart above, she’s gone past 50% bodyfat.  Note also the hideous glasses.  The only thing she hasn’t done is cut her hair off and tattoo herself.  I suspect if we check back in on her in 5 years, we’ll see short hair and ink.

I think a grossly obese woman should lose the weight instead of simply claiming that she’s beautiful when she obviously isn’t.  Feminism is all about no accountability for women.  No discipline?  Can’t control your impulses?  Became grossly obese as a result?  You have a choice: either take responsibility for your actions, or lie to yourself.   In the following video, watch the change in the smile as the responsible woman loses weight.  It’s pretty amazing.

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10 Responses to Feminist Delusions of Beauty

  1. Andrea Renee says:

    I am between 20% -30%. I only writhing to you due my not wanting to be rude after you helped and gave some things to prayer about( as oppose to wine about Before His Throne) I like your blog if differ some of my ideas. But that “soft next” thing could be use my speech kids in a event. I hoping this is not a joke . You seem like a kind mam-straight forward with no time for bs. In my experience that does not leave a lot of room for pre school niceness . But i remember The Lord saying “be nice”

  2. hamdy says:

    i admire all bbw ladies and i would like to marry one of them !

  3. Renee Harris says:

    “To each their own, but the vast majority of men prefer their chicks to be height-weight proportionate. If you’re one of those who wants the fatty, I cannot comprehend why.”
    No ones wants fatties. If she wanted to mess around it would mostly impossible for her to find a second lover. It not a man can’t get an 8 even if he loves and care for his 4 or below wife. It the shock you became rich and few others want . Is almost why ugly smart sweet girls make better wives than sexy model types: less options
    What does the proverb 31 woman in your mind?

  4. Jason says:

    Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular article!
    It’s the little changes that make the greatest changes. Many thanks for sharing!

  5. Stephanie says:

    This is a great post, Toad, and Merry Christmas!

    Something that you said really resonated with me… “a wife’s first duty to her husband is to maintain her beauty. What does that mean? It means “don’t get fat.”” I definitely believe that, and try to write a little on it from time to time, but wow do women NOT want to hear that advice. I don’t understand why they don’t… from having pregnancies (on my 3rd right now) I’ve seen how hard carrying extra weight around is! It’s horrible to be honest. And all my cute clothes not fitting really sucks. But even just being unhappy with my body is more than enough to get me back to exercising and weight lifting and eating healthy. I think some women get to the point where they’ve gained so much that it’s almost impossible to keep up motivation to get it off again (at least, that’s what I’ve seen personally 😦 ). Men seem to have more motivation even if they have 100+ but I could be wrong about that.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Oh and seeing stuff like this woman being interviewed over something so nutty really drives me crazy. I can’t believe how backwards our world has become now. She clearly has a mental illness… if she had tried doing some stunt like that even just 70 years ago, she would have been in jail for indecent exposure. But now it’s something akin to “art” !?!?! I can’t believe how our society has just accepted people with mental illness and given them a platform to spread their nutty lies to us… and we’re expected to just be “nice” about it. Not anymore. It makes me angry.

  7. mala says:

    What about women who are numbers 2, 3, or 4 and do not have a pleasing visage? Are they preferable to, say, an Ashley Graham (an extreme example, I realize)? Perhaps your research did not extend that far. I am often amazed that so many men are willing to overlook a woman’s face.

    • “I am often amazed that so many men are willing to overlook a woman’s face.”

      I’m constantly amazed at men who will overlook a woman’s behavior because of her face. Ashley Graham is a very beautiful woman who happens to be only somewhat less beautiful because she’s overweight. But, you asked about a pleasing visage and that’s worth discussing.

      The countenance is critical. You may have encountered the phenomena that some people appear much different in person than in their photos and look much better in person than in photos. This is the effect of countenance over appearance. It isn’t so much the smile as the way they smile. The sparkle in the eye that the camera cannot capture. The hint of merriment behind the eyes that only comes through in person.

      I attribute this to character. Some have it, many don’t. As to those who are photogenic and telegenic, personally I think it’s more of an extra spark that has more to do with brain chemistry than anything else. Which is why some of them look flat until they get coked to the gills and start to sparkle.

      “What about women who are numbers 2, 3, or 4 and do not have a pleasing visage?”

      I knew a very shy young woman once who had a #2 body because she was naturally thin and a rather plain face. She was not considered attractive or even very pretty. She spent 20 minutes each day in front of a mirror learning how to smile. At the end of a year or so, she had a smile that would literally light up a room. She learned that she could answer a lot of questions/comments with just a smile and she came out of her shell. Within another year she was considered one of the most beautiful women in the area. Because she learned how to smile.

      Men’s emphasis on women’s bodies and how fat they are is a reaction to the epidemic of obesity, but in my experience men don’t ignore a woman’s face unless they don’t care about her. One of the following women has a #2 body, the other has a #5 body.


      Denise Jolly is probably a quite attractive woman hiding underneath her obesity. She appears to have a good facial structure, but it’s hidden. Sometimes all that’s needed to being it out is losing weight. Like this:

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