Competing In The SMP As A Man

Appearance is important.  Part of your masculine appearance is how lean you are.  High levels of testosterone tend to keep a man “lean and mean” while a coat of lard indicates a more feminized man.  Your level of body-fat is the key to your appearance and unlike height, you have complete control over your level of muscle and body-fat.bodyfat-men

Steps to becoming more attractive:

One:  Add muscle.

Two:  Get rid of body-fat.

Three: Focus on having a life worth sharing.  The amount of money a man has isn’t as important as his social freedom.  Some guys make a lot of money but they’re still wage-slaves at the end of the day.  Find your balance between money and freedom.

Four: Learn Game.

The bottom line is that women are attracted to healthy, fit, attractive men.  Game only goes so far.  Ideally, you’d want to be somewhere between #2 and #3.  You want to be rocking a visible six-pack and have a lot of definition.  At that low a level of body fat, the angles to your face will stand out and your features will be hard and defined.  When it comes to projecting dominance, hard and chiseled features combined with a defined musculature is a definite plus.  The older you get, the more of an advantage this is.

A man is in competition with his competition.  At forty years old, you aren’t competing for the 18-22 year old college girls, your targets are typically going to be in their late twenties and early thirties.  At fifty years old, you’re competing for women in their mid thirties up to their early forties.  Think about that for a moment:  How many men in their forties have a body that looks like frame #2-4 on the chart above?  What percentage?  Yet, this is something you have complete control over.

Think women get over the desire to be with a guy who has a hard, sculpted muscular body?  No.  Losing the body-fat will improve your looks and sharpen your features.  Packing on the muscle will help your appearance.  Social freedom is the ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it.  Believe it or not, that doesn’t take nearly as much money as you’d think.

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2 Responses to Competing In The SMP As A Man

  1. I haven’t been to this blog in a while. I didn’t know you were into bodybuilding Mr. Toad. When I was 21 years of age I got my body fat percentage down to 7%. At that time a coworker at a health club was a physical therapy student. For one of his classes he needed volunteers for him to measure body fat by the water barrel method, which was the accurate way to do it back then.
    That was 28 years ago. Now my body fat must be about 15 to 20%. I’m also balding a bit. But on the bright side, I do not care about attracting ladies any longer. I work out for myself and am free of the burden of trying to please and make happy a lady. Life is better now.

  2. I was a powerlifter many years ago, got to the point of being able to bench double my body weight naturally, no juice or anything like that. I enjoy working out and being fit, but I injured my shoulders years ago and it finally reached the point I could no longer lift. After two years, I can finally train again and so I am. It is simply a discipline that’s been part of my life for pretty much all my life.

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