Bottom Fishing

There have been some fascinating posts over at Sunshine Mary’s blog in recent weeks that have discussed a number of serious issues with respect to marriage, the sexual market place and the marriage market place.

There was a time in the not-too-distant past in which a young woman went to college with the idea that she’d graduate with a Bachelors degree and score a Mrs. degree at the same time.  In doing so, she wasn’t really marrying a guy with such a high value, she was marrying a guy with high potential.  It was a calculated investment.


Rollo’s graph of Sexual Market Values for men and women demonstrates this quite well.  Mens’ SMV peaks much later than the women’s SMV, which is why when a couple marries in their twenties (the way it used to be) the man is getting his bride at her highest value but she’s investing in his potential SMV.

Sexual Market Values for Men and Women

It has been pointed out repeatedly that all a woman has to do is take care of herself and life will be much easier for her.  Men are attracted to youth, beauty, chastity, femininity and submission.  Not necessarily in that order, but those are the high points.  Keep in mind that the Sexual Market Value of a woman is almost completely appearance based.  Her Marriage Market Value incorporates a lot of other things and the Christian Marriage Market is even more nuanced.

All a Christian woman really has to do to keep her husband happy is maintain her appearance (don’t get fat), don’t say no to sex and obey him.  It really is that simple but rare is the Christian wife who is willing to make a commitment to do those three things.

In fact, a Christian man needs to look at the MMV of a Christian woman and make a hard assessment based on those three factors first, also taking into account her fitness for marriage (N-Count, level of feminist infection, level of laziness, family history, etc.) in order to make a reasonably wise decision.  However, underlying all those issues is still going to be her beauty.  Since that’s a given, perhaps men need to consider making speculative investments in women.  Just as women might marry a man based on his potential, I float the idea of bottom fishing for those jewels in the rough that are being passed over.

What am I talking about?  Here are three examples:


From a three to a solid seven. Amazing.

Dramatic Weight Loss

All she needs to do now is work on the house-keeping skills…


The Boob-Job didn’t hurt the proportions, did it?

These girls made their transformations on their own for their own reasons.  Maybe you wouldn’t have given the “before” version of these women a second glance, but I know very few men who wouldn’t be interested in the “after” version of any of these women.

Let’s say you met a woman who resembled the before version of any of these women, but was otherwise sweet, gentle, kind, loving and a virgin.  Have the “submission” talk with her and find out exactly how she feels about the Biblical command to wives to submit to their husbands.  If she makes the right noises and there’s some corroborating evidence such as a good relationship with her father, offer to train her.

It would require spending a lot of time with her, adjusting her diet and exercising with her, going to the grocery store and implementing some iron discipline in her life, but the end result will be a genuine change for the better for her.  This kind of project accomplishes several other important tasks:  First, it establishes you as the authority and requires that she submit to you.  For the same reason women are often attracted to their bosses, that will build her attraction to you.  Second, you will get her in the habit of obeying you even if she doesn’t understand why.  Third, as the weight comes off she will feel better about herself and about the guy who made it happen.  She will have a reason to demonstrate that quality so lacking in American women:  gratitude.

The process of training her will give you plenty of opportunities to learn all about her, to lead her and discover whether she really is marriage material for you.  If she is, marry her.  You’ll have earned it.  If not, set her free and keep looking.  There is one danger:  arrogance.  Once they look better, they will start getting the kind of attention they’ve always wanted and it may go to their heads. The Hamster never goes away.


The Hamster will want to break free.  If you see that happen, softly next her.  No need for nuclear confrontations, just give her a soft next.  If that doesn’t bring her back in line, she wasn’t worth it so hard next her and find someone else.

Obviously, this plan only works if you are the man who has already demonstrated the discipline of bringing your own body and life under control.  You have to walk the talk.

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6 Responses to Bottom Fishing

  1. mrsdarlings says:

    Sorry about confusing you before! I figured out what my problem was! got you all mixed up in it. :-s i deleted it from my blog and just left your first comment. Anywaay! Here is the email that he and I use

  2. infowarrior1 says:

    Video about salvation that I did not have the opportunity to show you:

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  4. Renee Harris says:

    I don’t see my actions lining with verises:
    If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work. Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart. (‭2 Timothy‬ ‭2‬:‭21-22‬ KJV)

    • Renee, being horny isn’t a sin. How you deal with it is between you and the Lord. It’s better to marry than to burn.

      • Renee Harris says:

        I am a silt girl. I was trying to find essays about and form the manosphere for a student of mine for an academic team I coach.
        I think you think I am a intelligential disable young woman with too much time on her hands, who could train into a semi ok wife.
        I think you think not like your ex. I think many bad spelling and lack of common sense avoid you . And I am aware that I am not a man, am not you and by figure out your mind I am insuring you.
        But the time in terns of the team I coach, any topic propose at this Would not have any chance at winning and student I wanted it for might what to do speech on the manosphere due to the fact he has an idea of what wanting to do next season.
        Anyway I am silly girl. On that we agree

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