Eschatology, Meet Feminism. Feminism, Meet Your Doom

There are many, many different creeds and catechisms with a broad variance as to what any particular group claims to believe within the realm of what we call Christianity.  I believe the study of eschatology (study of end times) has the widest divergence of belief. The book of Revelation is particularly problematic, as are the prophetic parts of Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah and the Lord’s discussion of the end times in the Olivet discourses.  One of the problems with Revelation is that it isn’t exactly in chronological order.

What does this have to do with feminism, you might ask?  Plenty.  Biblical scholars have often noted that there is no mention of the west in any of the end times prophesies.  From what I can see, only two things remain to take place before the “end times” begins.  First is the consolidation of power by the antichrist and the second is what Isaiah refered to as Israel signing a “covenant with death” which is a defense treaty with the antichrist.  But why would Israel need protection from the antichrist?  Isn’t the US it’s protector?  Well, what happens if the US isn’t around to help any longer?

Take down the US and you take down the world’s financial system.  It leaves a huge, gaping hole in the geopolitical spectrum.  Just the sort of thing that would allow the antichrist to take over and consolidate things.  A new financial system would have to be put in place and if one is starting over from scratch, why not go full-monte and have everyone get a biometric chip?  The tech is here and people respond best to unreasonable demands when they’re scared and looking for security.

There are many (and I’m one of them) who think that New York City is the modern-day Babylon described in Revelation 18. The “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the Great” at verse 18:2 was the twin towers falling on 9/11.  However, that didn’t destroy the city, because after that a loud voice from Heaven said “come out of her my people, that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive of her plagues” in verse 4.  Verses 17 and 18 fit with 9/11 being the “fallen, fallen” as well.


National Park Service photo, the twin towers burning, view from the harbor.

So, if you can buy that, check out verse 21, which occurs at a later point in time:

“And a strong angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea, saying, “Thus will Babylon, the great city, be thrown down with violence, and will not be found any longer.” Revelation 18:21

I believe the United States is already under judgment (Romans 1:18-32) and it always ends in destruction if the people don’t repent. Anybody seen much repentance lately? Yep, that’s what I thought.  I haven’t either.  You’ll find a “great stone” here that if cast into the sea will create the exact conditions described in verses 22-24, meaning no life left.  The stone “like a great millstone” is a pretty good description of a chunk of rock 15 km wide, 25 km long and 1.4 km thick.  Ward and Day did some computer modeling of what would happen if that piece of escarpment broke off due to volcanic eruption induced earthquakes. The result would be a massive tidal wave that would hit the Eastern Seaboard of the US six hours later as a series of tidal waves 10 to 24 meters high.

The pictures you’ll want to look at are on page three of this paper:

Think about the panic.  Instant gridlock, no way to evacuate more than a small percentage of the population, and where would they go?   Then come the waves.  Port facilities and terminals, telecommunications facilities, refineries…  poof.  Gone.  But what if there was no warning?  Well, there would be some warning because the coast of Africa would get pounded with 50-60 meter tidal waves within an hour.  I’m sure somebody would figure it out and the news-vultures would go nuts.

The computer model shows “a great sequence” of tidal waves between 10 and 25 meters high hitting all along the east coast of the US that (in my opinion) would be sufficient to destroy NYC, but what if it’s worse?  What if the lead waves were 50 meters tall?  Think about the cargo ships and tankers that would get picked up and slammed into the buildings.  The skyscrapers were never built to a standard to withstand multiple 100+ foot tidal waves that just keep coming and pounding.  For a period of perhaps half an hour to an hour those waves will keep pounding and the entire East Coast will be either badly damaged or just plain gone. A rolling blackout would take down the electric grid in much of the country and there goes the financial network and suddenly nobody’s plastic will do anything. There will be millions of refugees and who knows how many dead.

There will be so many dead and the destruction will be so massive, just from a public health standpoint the only way to deal with the problem of all the dead bodies would be to quarantine all but critical areas and let the bodies rot.  This would be a TEOTWAWKI event for the US and indeed, to one extent or another, for the rest of the world.

The shooting will start within hours and nothing will ever be the same again.  I say that because if we had riots starting after just 12 hours of the EBT card network going down, when everything else was working, how are things going to play out when nothing works and there was six hours of non-stop media coverage of the tidal waves coming to destroy the East coast?

You might say that the power would be brought back up pretty quickly in most places.  Perhaps, perhaps not.  Power grids are all about load management and balance.   I don’t know that anyone ever tried to model the entire East Coast being taken out, power plants destroyed and fuel supplies cut off because the pipeline terminals were destroyed.

Consider that the nation’s food supply is transported around in trucks on a constant basis. Interrupt that flow of trucks and stores have no food within a day or two, but add panic buying to that and they’ll be empty within hours.  How many OTR truckers will drive into a war zone, or down roads where they’re subjected to being shot so their truck can be looted? No way for law enforcement to use typical swarming tactics because they’d be stretched too thin. Stores would be looted and there wouldn’t be a single flash-point, every population center would be a flash-point.

When people get hungry, they get crazy. Racial tension will boil over. If it happened in winter, I’d predict massive starvation in many areas as the food and fuel runs out. We’re looking at population reduction on a massive scale as many can’t get enough food and starve while others fight over fewer and fewer available resources (with resultant casualties) to stay alive.  Hungry, panicked, well-armed people does not combine well with a collapsed supply chain.  Martial law declared?  I have no doubt it will be, but martial law requires force projection to enforce it.   Depending on how fast people get organized, there may well be a civil war going before services are fully restored.

What about all those combat vets now interspersed through the population? What about the well-armed and well organized criminal gangs?  What about weaponry? The US has been manufacturing and selling over 2 million rifles and shotguns annually for the past several years and that doesn’t include numbers from 2012 and 2013 (BATF delays releasing the numbers). No figures on imports, but just on what’s being manufactured and sold in the US, we’re talking about sufficient weapons to arm a couple of infantry divisions being sold every single day for the past several years. Every time Obama opened his mouth people went out and bought guns. The ammo shortage caused people to panic-purchase ammo and keep purchasing it after it became available again. The US population is now insanely well-armed and this place is simply a powder-keg waiting for the fuze to be lit.

I don’t think anybody could realistically come up with casualty figures because nobody has ever seen the collapse of infrastructure in a nation so heavily dependent on that infrastructure.  We could literally have a different country within a matter of hours at any time and I guarantee you that one of the first casualties will be feminism. It’s ironic that in the famine that follows the fatties will have the best chance of making it but they’ll have to have men to protect them.

The definition of “high value man” will change overnight. Got food? Good. Do you have the capacity to produce food and store it? Better. Can you defend it?  Then you da man… Got some useful young lads willing to follow your lead who can shoot and scoot? If you can feed them, then you da local baron, duke or whatever you want to call yourself.  At that point protecting you and yours will be the name of the game and people are going to be looking for leadership and protection.

Now…  I know a lot of people who don’t take the book of Revelation seriously, but if one studies chapter 18 with the idea that it’s describing a real event, and when one considers that “great stone” sitting across the pond on Cumbre Vieja, well, think about it.  If God wants it to happen it will.  I believe it’s going to happen at some point, I just don’t know when.  God told Abraham that his descendants would come back in 400 years to occupy the land, because the sin of the Amorites had not yet reached its full measure.  So I’m thinking that when that sin reaches its full measure, the East Coast is not the place to be.

For those who can’t handle the idea of God doing it or even predicting that it’s going to happen, look at it this way:  If Ward and Day’s analysis is correct, Cumbre Vieja is the ultimate asymmetric warfare threat to the US today.   The ultimate force multiplier.  All the bad guys need to do is go in as a seismic survey team, get the data, analyze the data and stick a couple of nukes right where they’ll do the most good.  Who would ever know?  Now… how many countries have nukes, even a couple of them?   And how many of them are haters?  What about rogue operations?  What about a straight up decision that America has to go because the US has finally “crossed the line” and meddled too much? Call it whatever you want to call it, just don’t be on Long Island when it happens.

Further Reading  Leaked Diplomatic Phone Call Causes Furor.

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3 Responses to Eschatology, Meet Feminism. Feminism, Meet Your Doom

  1. Bodycrimes says:

    Golly, it seems like the US better repent – and fast. Otherwise doom, destruction and all sorts of nasty will be visited upon it. Tell me, will this retribution be US only? Or will other Western countries be involved as well?

    And, if so, how do we head it off? What, specifically, do we all need to do to show our repentance?

  2. You do realize that you could have skipped all but the last paragraph and still had that ‘oh shit’ moment? Well, not you, cause unless you live in Wales, you won’t be in any part of Britain that would catch any of that action. Like my friend Simon (from Wolverhampton) loved to say “But the Welch, they’re not quite human, are they?”

    But, to answer your questions, No. If you looked at page three of the report I linked, you’d see the propagation pattern. Certain poor African nations would be getting hit with 100+ meter tidal waves at the 1 hour mark. Ireland will be pounded to hell within three hours and Wales shortly after. Funny thing that… Simon was also adamant that the Irish weren’t quite human either. Now, I’ve never met anyone from Wales, but I do have a friend that was one of the Boyos back in the day in Belfast and spent some time in Long Kesh for it. He’s definitely human. And his wife is a red-headed goddess with an accent that simply sends tingles up and down my spine.

    The answer to your final question can be found 2nd Chronicles 7:14. I trust you’ll be able to find the text. The short answer to the implied question is “NO” but that isn’t your issue. Last paragraph issues: Is some country that might just be hosting the olympics likely to get to the point of saying “Well, why not wipe those PC idiots off the map. All’s fair in love and war.” Think he won’t?

  3. Dave says:

    Interesting ideas. I have studied the book of Revelation again and again, and I could not fathom the reason why the US did not play any major roles in the last days. At least, the US did not stop the Antichrist from seizing power over the revised Roman Empire; it did not intervene when he demanded everyone to have a chip on their foreheads and the back of their hands, etc. My confusion has been, where is America in all these? I think your article made me understand a bit better.
    In my view however, I am more inclined to think that America will effectively be rendered powerless by feminism by the time that the Antichrist comes on the scene. This evil movement called feminism is rapidly attacking everything that made America a strong country. It has destroyed its education system; corrupted its courts; tainted research; and is now targeting the military. By the time feminism finishes with America, the country will be a parody of what it used to be and will be unable to defend itself against external aggressors or help its allies in their times of need. Notice that Babylon was referred to in the passage with feminine terms (queen, widow, her, etc).

    No doubt earthquakes will happen, with resultant tsunamis, but the one you described will not render the US as a whole powerless; there will be something more. If NY were to experience the tragedies described, stocks might be down for a few weeks at the most before things pick up again.

    New York, in my opinion, is NOT the Babylon of Revelation 18. That title is more aptly descriptive of the US as a whole, that is if it has anything to do with the US at all. If New York is modern Babylon, what about California, particularly Hollywood and San Francisco? Those two cities export more filth to the whole world in one year than Sodom and Gomorrah did throughout the durations of their existence. And don’t forget Las Vegas. America is, or will be the new Babylon, the “habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.” I understand that “city” was used to describe the new Babylon, we must understand that to be a synecdoche, where a part is used to represent the whole (e.g. referring to America as Washington DC; to a person as a pretty face, etc).

    Right now as we speak, the US is being prepared to accommodate every religion under the sun, except true Christianity (if you call that a religion anyhow). Occultism is very rampant both in our government, in our capital city and among the most popular celebrities. Even athletes are openly joining the occult to advance their careers.

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