Feminism, Feral Women and the Unequal Treatment of Men

Just a few links to stories that demonstrate just how feral women are still able to take advantage of men.

Liz Jones recently wrote a long article about trying to steal a guy’s sperm in order to get pregnant.

Just one of the money quotes:

Of course, not every woman in my position would resort to extreme measures. But I do believe that any man who moves in with a woman in her late 30s or early 40s should take it as read that she will want to use them to procreate, by fair means or foul, no matter how much she protests otherwise.

A 2001 survey revealed that 42 per cent of women would lie about using contraception in order to get pregnant in spite of their partners’ wishes

But what if it’s worse than that?
Down in Houston, a woman stole her ex-boyfriend’s sperm, had it stored at a sperm bank, and after they broke up, she had herself inseminated via IVF.  She later sued him for child support and won.
And over in Louisiana, a woman walked into a sperm bank and literally stole her ex-boyfriend’s sperm by simply asking for it.  Now, she wants child support as well.  According to the article, “Under Louisiana state law, the ex-boyfriend, Layne Hardin, is expected to pay $1,000 dollars a month in child support for the now two-year-old boy.”

But, what if the situation were reversed?  Up in the great white north, a Novia Scotia man was found guilty of sexual assault for poking holes in condoms in hopes his girlfriend would get pregnant.
I won’t bother linking to the stories of women raping underaged boys (they can’t legally give consent, making it statutory rape) but I recall one case where the judge ordered the boys parents to pay the child support until he’s old enough to get a job.  How bad does it get?
Can anybody possibly imagine a 46 year old male teacher who tried to get a 10 year old girl to come to his house and have sex with him not being jailed?
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6 Responses to Feminism, Feral Women and the Unequal Treatment of Men

  1. Andrea-Renee says:

    This is a dumb question, but how the banks legally give the names? And parents paying child is stupid as the mother is a child abuser and thus not have a right to even see her child. Why did the judge the child to grandperants until the boy could be to a legal adult?

    • Because the operative meme is to transfer assets from men to women. the mother has default custody unless the father can *prove* with more than a preponderance of evidence that he is the more fit parent and it’s in the best interests of the child to stay with him.

      There was a story not long ago about a reserve deputy who was fired because he informed against a fellow deputy who was working with a private investigator, pulling over men and arresting them for DUI (a dirty DUI) because the investigator had been hired by the women who were divorcing the men and wanted dirt against them to help their court case.

      The problem is the courts don’t care and they recognize that if the father doesn’t pay, the State will pay and it’s their job to extract money from men. They DO NOT CARE.

  2. Andrea-Renee says:

    I’m sorry for what you men go. I can’t believed woman that cruel. I thought most were good and not evil. So I guess I was wrong….

    • There is a verse in Ecclesiastes which says (paraphrasing) I looked for a righteous man and found one in a thousand. I looked for a righteous woman but found none. That was back in the absolute patriarchy. Today, well, the women have gone feral.

  3. Andrea-Renee says:

    So why did God created woman? I read revelations and I never through it bad . As a woman I felt like done this things. I’m glad that God can save woman but won’t …

    • God created women to be a helpmeet to men. To marry the men and make their babies. That is the natural function of women, just as it is the natural function of men to become husbands and fathers.

      However, there’s that little problem of Genesis 3:16, the woman’s curse. “Your desire shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you.” The women are no longer ruled and they’ve gone feral. God can and will save women, but sometimes I think the only way it will really happen is if said woman finds a husband who will take her in hand.

      Just to be clear, the word “desire” only appears in two other places in Scripture. In Genesis God said to Cain “sin is crouching at your doorstep and desires you.” In the Song of Solomon, “I am my beloved’s and his desire is for me.” So, in one case, the word desire means a desire to conquer. In the other case the word desire indicates a sexual desire.

      I believe a better translation of the specific verse is “You will desire to usurp your husband’s authority over you, but he will not allow that. He will be unmoved by your whining, your crying and your attempts at manipulation. After he has demonstrated his dominance of you, your desire for him will be sexual.”

      To reverse it, if the husband is unwilling to control and dominate his wife, she will have no sexual desire for him and will eventually cuckold him and then probably divorce him. The problem women have is feminism, and that’s why there are so many unhappy women out there.

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