Circles Within Circles

laser strike deepwater horizon

After the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, a lot of things about the government’s narrative struck me as being really off. However, it was Brigadier General Benjamin K. Partin’s report to Congress that really convinced me the government’s narrative was completely untrue. He was the head of the Air Force ordinance development division and arguably he knew more about blowing up buildings than anybody else at that time.

His report had photos and diagrams that proved, as an expert witness, that there was no way a truck loaded with ANFO could possibly have caused the damage to that building.  That report is still available here and there, but the photos have pretty much been scrubbed from the web.  An example of what is still available is this:


You probably missed it.  Try this close up.

oklahoma-city-bombing support beam

That is the smoking gun.

The intact beam (no fracturing or spalling) terminates with unfractured concrete, but the last few feet of the beam has no concrete at all, just bare rebar.  That’s all the evidence you need, because that only happens one way.  The reason is a high explosive has a blast wave that propagates so fast it literally pulverizes the concrete into sand and gravel, leaving nothing but the rebar.  It is literally the signature of high explosive demolition charges.  Ergo, the government lied.


Then came 9/11.  For this, we only have to see one thing:


That, gentle reader, is World Trade Center 7, which was not hit by a plane but was (admittedly) “pulled” the following day.  That’s right, we’re supposed to believe that a huge crew of very skilled demolitions experts transported literally tons of high explosives and miles of det-cord into downtown Manhattan (on 9/11) and managed to do the correct structural analysis, place the charges, wire them all together and “pull” the building all in one day?   Impossible.  It had to be rigged beforehand and if WTC 7 was wired up  to be taken down beforehand, it means the entire government narrative is a lie.  But, why did they do it?

I now believe the real reason WTC 7 was destroyed was to give everyone one giant red herring right there in plain sight in order to conceal what really happened on 9/11.  I once subscribed to the theory that the twin towers were brought down with explosives based largely in part on watching WTC 7 destroyed.  No longer.

I was recently doing some research and ran across some photos and information that I’d never seen before and I’ve had to completely revise my opinion about what happened.  I’ve always been of the opinion that the wildest conspiracy theory about 9/11 was the government’s official version of what happened, but I was leaning more toward the Murrah building in trying to explain what happened.

This all started when I took a good look at this photo:


Take a look at that hole in the helo pad of the BP Bluewater Horizon oil rig.  Notice the localized heat distortion around the edges.  That’s two-inch thick aluminum plate with reinforcement underneath.  Let’s take  closer look:

laser strike deepwater horizon

There is no way a fire underneath the helo pad did that damage.  It is not possible.

All the electrical controls were located underneath the helo pad and all eyewitness accounts state that first the power went out and then the explosions and fires started a few minutes later.  The only possible explanation is that hole was cut by a direct energy weapon such as the MIRACL, or Mid-Infrared Advanced Chemical Laser operating from space.  I would guess they used the markings on the helo pad to calibrate their aim and then began selectively taking shots that would destroy the Deepwater Horizon.

The more I researched, the more interesting it became.  Then I ran across the website of Dr. Judy Wood while researching scalar weapons.  I believe she has the most comprehensive and satisfactory explanation as to what happened on 9/11 that fits all the facts.  Her conclusion is the World Trade Centers were destroyed by direct energy weapons.  They were blown to hell and literally pulverized.  I’m willing to bet none of the readers here have ever seen any of these photos.

This is key. Notice that the building is literally being pulverized at free-fall velocity. It's coming down so fast that the debris hasn't even hit the ground yet.

This is key. Notice that the building is literally being pulverized at free-fall velocity. It’s coming down so fast that the debris hasn’t even hit the ground yet.

Notice that the building is literally being pulverized as it comes down at free-fall velocity.

This is not a building falling down, it's a building being pulverized into dust.

This is not a building falling down, it’s a building being pulverized into dust.

What was the end result?

Where is the rubble of a 110 story building? A half million tons of rubble?

Where is the rubble of two 110 story buildings?  Does that look like a million tons of concrete and steel rubble?

Direct Energy Weapons (such as scalar weapons) are real and the evidence of their use is there for any who have eyes to see.  The big question is “Where did the rubble go?”

Inches of dust everywhere. Notice the street is covered to the curb.

Inches of dust everywhere. Notice the street is covered to the curb.

The buildings were turned to dust and blown into the wind.  Perhaps that’s why while there should have been at least 40,000 file cabinets in the “rubble” they only found one.  That’s right, only one.  Why could they find so few bodies?

The only reasonable explanation is the buildings were brought down with scalar weapons that turned the concrete and steel into dust.

The dust cloud as WTC2 is pulverized

The dust cloud as WTC2 is pulverized.  That isn’t smoke, that’s dust, which is the answer to the question “where is the rubble?”  Only direct energy weapons can do this.

I suppose it’s possible that some explosives were placed in the twin towers, because witnesses did testify that they heard explosions, but the glaring evidence of the lack of rubble means the twin towers were destroyed with direct energy weapons.  Go back and look at WTC 7 coming down and compare it to the photos above and you’ll be able to see it.

This is the same old divide and conquer strategy taken to a new level.  Provide a false lead in the form of WTC 7 to give a direction to the people who won’t accept the government’s obviously false explanation.  Throw the conspiracy theory out there in plain sight, let the arguing begin and pretty soon everybody is sick and tired of hearing about it.  That makes any person who points out the most obvious answer that fits all the evidence a totally whacked out conspiracy theorist complete with a tinfoil hat and neither side will listen because they’ve become polarized and in love with their own theories.

Scalar weapons exist.  The technology is so secret that very few people know about it.  The tech will do things you can’t believe, so we must keep Clark’s third law in mind: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”  Since people don’t believe in magic anymore, it must not be real.

Interestingly, it is the technology behind direct energy weapons that has historically been guarded most closely because it has so much potential to wreak havoc on established society.  This will be covered in my next post on this subject.

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7 Responses to Circles Within Circles

  1. wyowanderer says:

    I have no doubt that you’re right. I e watched several videos on the OK bombing, and I’ve never believed the government narrative on 9/11.
    More of this, please.

  2. kaiheitai says:

    There’s little doubt that 9/11 was an inside job. However, the analysis you conclude is based on pseudo-science. I visited your source’s webpage, and it’s about as coherent as Gene Ray’s

    • Interesting. I found her analysis to be quite cogent and there’s nothing “psuedo-science” about gravity and the distinct lack of debris. The partially burned cars located far away from the explosions/fires, they didn’t just spontaneously combust, did they? The buildings coming down at free-fall speed defies all explanation except one- the use of scalar weapons. And if you figure maybe 40,000 file cabinets (a low estimate) between the two towers, why is it only one file cabinet was found? WTC7 was “pulled” with a conventional controlled demolition (which is all anyone needs to know to understand it really was an inside job) but there is a distinct difference between WTC7 and the way WTC1 and WTC2 came down.

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  6. Gary Eden says:

    One way or another we know the government did it.

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