How To Drop SMV Points In A Matter Of Seconds


All you have to do is get hurt badly enough that you need help to take care of stuff you’d normally be able to take care of on your own.  Like not being able to walk without crutches, which means you can’t so much as carry a cup of coffee with you.  This was 14 days post-injury when the swelling had gone down enough for surgery.


Obviously it needed some work.  First came almost 5 hours of surgery and then months of wearing a cast.  And now I get to be “special” for TSA with all the metal in me.


Perceived weakness = instant increase in level of contempt from everyone except other men.  Especially men who know what it’s like to be injured.  Women don’t have empathy for men, they only want to see performance.

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2 Responses to How To Drop SMV Points In A Matter Of Seconds

  1. jawohl says:

    I have to deal with a chronic problem manifesting in all major joints, so I know this painfully well. Women either ignore me completely or treat me with absolute contempt. It definitely increases the more aware I am. I don’t even think about asshole game; I know women want performance, and know I can’t perform, so why waste anyone’s time?

  2. jawohl says:

    I should add that women with similar conditions lack all sympathy as well. One who rejected me had spina bifida, legs like noodles, on metal crutches, still very cute. But see, she had adapted to that life, and this hit me in my early thirties. She says, “Oh, so you’re going through an adjustment period??” The Darwinian hamster never stops spinning. No matter how fucked up they are, they’re still the cunt-bearers. And that’s how shit like this is propagated in the species.

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