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Alternate Investments For Alternative Lifestyles

Ginseng and China Let’s say you’re living in Kentucky (near Frankfort), married with 3 boys, four, six and seven years old.  You’re working as a janitor making $34k (take home) but there’s a nice health care plan.  You want your … Continue reading

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Theater, Improv and Game

When I was in HS I got some really good advice and joined the stage crew for the production of “Annie Get Your Gun.”  I liked it.  For the first year all I did was work backstage with sets and … Continue reading

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The, Ahem, Other Muscles

I look at this as an interesting matrix of technology in conflict with social norms where it impacts the feminine imperative. One of the foundational truths of red pill wisdom is to ignore what women say and watch what they … Continue reading

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You Can Smell The Gamma White Knight Fear

A thread at Vox’s has now run over 950 comments, although it’s been put in moderation and is now moving at glacial speed.  It started off on the subject of my last post and moved on to the subject of … Continue reading

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Nobody Understands The Gay Marriage Ruling

On a conservative discussion forum there were a few Christians getting worked up into a lather about refusing to do a gay marriage. One of the resident trolls responded with this: The ruling, simply put for other ass clowns from … Continue reading

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