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Solutions To The Dilemma

Several have commented on the previous post (both in the comments and privately by email) that I’m unduly harsh and don’t leave a way of escape.  That isn’t true, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy.  In this post I’ll … Continue reading

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The Difference Between The Hypocrisy of Christian Men and Women

Dalrock’s blog has been at the forefront of exposing women’s refusal to obey the clear commands of Scripture and pointing out that, as a rule, their rebellion is because they don’t like what God had to say. Unfortunately, and I … Continue reading

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Underground Houses

Expanding a bit from my previous post about growing ginseng, I’ll talk a bit about building an underground house.  The correct term is actually an “earth sheltered home” but most folks would call it an underground house.  Underground homes can … Continue reading

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