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It’s “Baroque” To Be Feminine

Let’s take a look at this.  Turn up the speakers and sit back. Other than the fact they can really sing, what do we notice about that video? To begin with, the women are all modestly dressed in a feminine … Continue reading

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Biblical Dread Game and Why Christians Hate The Idea

Biblical dread game is founded on the husband’s authority and right to take another wife or a concubine. There’s nothing immoral about it (God had 2 wives, are you going to claim He did something wrong? See Jeremiah 31:31-32), nothing … Continue reading

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As you’ve probably already noticed, I’m in the process of cluttering up my blog. I’ll be going back to edit some older posts, perhaps combining a few and in general trying to straighten things out. One of the things you’ll … Continue reading

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Pot… Kettle… Black

I love the way Christians get bent out of shape over basic things because they don’t know the definitions of words the Bible uses.  This is combined with their unconscious internalization of cultural norms which effects the way they perceive … Continue reading

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