The Real Problem With The Trump Tape


The hysteria about the Trump tape comes down to one thing:  Truth.

“When you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Whatever you want. Grab them by the pussy.”

Want to know why the women are offended by that? Because what he said is the absolute truth and they know it. Know why the men are so offended? Because they are scared shitless that it’s the truth, knowing they are NOT a star, that they are not attractive men.  Even more so, they know they could never get away with something like that.

The important truth in that statement was “When you’re a star they let you do it” but pussies focus on the word pussy.

It’s just another one of those hard truths about women that men don’t want to acknowledge and women don’t want men to understand. Because a better way to say it would have been:

When they’re highly attracted to you they let you do it.  A lot of them want you to. You can do anything. Whatever you want.  Grab them by the pussy.

Look at the man who is saying this, because he’s a bull alpha.  He (especially when he was younger) combined power, status, money and looks in a way that very, very few other men have ever been able to do.  As the poisonous troglodyte Henry Kissinger once said “power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”  He has the respect and honor of other men.  Men want to be him and women want to be with him.  In other words, he’s a very attractive man.

Does that mean all women are like that?  No, but the percentage who are not is very small if it’s the right man at the right time in the right place with the right line.

But women cannot allow the truth of what he said to stand and in the feminist-controlled modern discourse, the truth is automatically denied by those who know it to be truth as well as by those who wish it wasn’t true.

The “grab them by the pussy” remark proves that Trump understands this.  And by doing it, he proves to the women that he is what he comes across as.  Does it always work?  No, but I’ll bet that the vast majority of the time it did work.

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45 Responses to The Real Problem With The Trump Tape

  1. SnapperTrx says:

    Ha! That’s the first thing I thought when I saw the GOP freaking out: “They aren’t mad because he said the word pussy, they are mad because they know he is telling the truth AND he does what he says, and they could never get away with it!” Its the case of the school yard wuss looking at the school alpha and despising him because he gets what he wants by taking it – and the ladies comply and give it to him!

  2. Ash says:

    Women do let them get away with it, but here’s another truth: Women let them get away with it largely because they don’t know how to confront the situation.When you have worked in a night club, you see this all the time. Guys often get handsy with stranger women passing by. Many ladies do nothing about it, but they’ll talk about it afterwards and they admit that it wasn’t welcomed. They didn’t want to cause a scene, so they brushed it off.

    Donald may be rich and famous, but I doubt most women would like him just groping them without their permission just because he wanted to. The problem is women is that they don’t know how to tell these guys to back off. They need to become more firm and aggressive about asserting their personal boundaries, and implement consequences for any violators.

    • Nice deflection. You completely avoided the entire point because we both know that you rarely see bull alphas in a nightclub and when you do, the women with him want to be manhandled.

      Fortunately, you are not entitled to answer for all women, most women or even a few women. You can only answer for yourself. Men like Donald Trump don’t go after women like ordinary men, women go after him. Your comment is nothing but a deflection of the truth that when a man is highly attractive, women will do the most amazing things for him.

      • Ash says:

        Women go after Donald Trump? Well, perhaps some do but the his confession of “moving on her like a bitch, but still couldn’t get there” illustrated a man who chases women (and fails), just like the average Joe. And that’s what everyone keeps saying about Trump that they love so much, isn’t it? That he’s just one of us.

        I don’t see anything special about him. He’s got money and status, but that’s not personal to himself. I could have met him a few times, but opted out, because I couldn’t have cared less.

        • It doesn’t always work, but you’re still trying to put Trump in the same box with the average Joe, which he is most definitely not.

          You’re still deflecting to try to get away from the truth. Your personal opinion is meaningless and whether you find the man attractive or not is likewise meaningless. Your problem is you don’t want to admit that the vast majority of women really are like that.

          • Ash says:

            I can admit there are women like that. I don’t know about dating the vast majority. How can you speak for most women if I can’t?

          • Ash says:

            I meant saying not dating.

          • I do not speak for all women, but I can observe and remark on my observations.

            It reminds me of the study Heartiste commented on a few weeks ago. Using a man making $60k a year who was in the top 10% in looks as the baseline, they found that a man who was in the bottom 10% when it came to looks had to make $246k a year in order for a majority of women to prefer him over the really good-looking man making 60K a year.

            So, compared to the really good looking man who makes $60k a year, at least half the women will prefer the really ugly man who makes $246k a year. And what does that say about a man like Donald Trump?

            And you might say *you* wouldn’t be interested. Big deal. There’s always a crank in every crowd and I hardly expect a woman to speak the truth in public unless it is to her advantage.

    • SnapperTrx says:

      I once worked as a car salesman. One of the guys on our lot was a squirrely little Mexican dude who always seemed to be strung out, but he was strong and very sure of himself. He used to tell me tales of going to the local strip club and, even though the rules were hands off, he would manhandle the girls all the time, shoving fingers in places they shouldn’t be and all kinds of nastiness. The girls, he reported, loved it. Even when security got involved most of the girls would tell them it was good. He paid decent enough, probably not more than what was required, but his attitude and cockiness won the chicks over. Don’t tell me they don’t know what to do. Unless your alone there are always men nearby to run in and save the day should any woman yell out in distress. Even when they are doing wrong, as soon as another man lays a hand on them the white knights come running.

      • Ash says:

        Those women are beta chumps for letting them get away with that. I mean if they like it, whatever but if they wanted to be sex workers, they could be making a lot more money for it elsewhere at least. I once had a stripper roommate a few years back. She was a terrible roommate, but one thing I admired was her gumption for correcting clients who stepped out of line. More women need to do that if they don’t want to be touched.

        • More women need to do that if they don’t want to be touched.

          Which is entirely the point: it isn’t that they don’t want to be touched. They allow it. Some of them allow it because it isn’t objectionable, some of them allow it because they like it. However, in my observation, the vast majority allow it because it’s what HE wants. And when he’s *that* kind of man, they let him do whatever he wants.

          • Ash says:

            To the detriment of society. And these women wonder why they are manipulated, or even abused, or at the least why they can’t seem to find a good man. They allow that kind of nonsense to happen.

          • Ash, the problem is you’re all about try-hard, spouting off about things you know nothing about. You’re 33 years old, hitting the wall and… damn.

            I actually feel sorry for you. I’m an INTJ and I understand where you’re coming from. The problem is you’re intelligent enough to get in trouble but not wise enough to observe what is plain to see all around you.


            That’s practically an advertisement for the kind of woman the decent men should avoid. Virtually everything I see about you is a case of projection.

            Observe men, and consider the kind of woman who would write this:


            What do you think the risk of a false-rape charge from Ashley is after she sobers up? After reading that, I’d say it’s pretty high.

            Ashley seems to have this fantasy about taming the bad boy, so factor that into the false-rape claims equation:


            Ashley, given where you are and the kind of crazy you’ve got rolling around in your head, you really should think of finding a more mature woman to settle down with. Find a cute one and the two of you would probably be able to get the attention of a man you’re attracted to.

            But, no hard feelings here, I really do appreciate you stopping by. Please feel free to ask questions- you might learn something. You have my word I will call you out on your crap every single time.

          • Ash says:

            I figured you’d be the first one to make things personal. Forget the argument at hand and go straight for stalk out all my past content and basically call me names. That’s fine. I won’t bother doing the same to you because I don’t give a crap who you are. The truth is, I have a fantastic 9 year relationship with an excellent man, and I have everything I want, and I know how to command respect from those I encounter. I teach women to do the same, and it includes chucking assholes who feel you up without your permission. I know you don’t like that, but the truth does hurt.

          • Silly, silly girl. There is no argument at hand, it’s a tantrum because of your failure to read with comprehension. I’m thinking you need an older, mature and authoritarian woman to take you in hand.

            And, as far as what you call “getting personal” you’re being an idiot. You wrote that trash, own it. They’re your photos, own them. If I wanted it to be personal I’d make it personal, but that wasn’t anything but 30 seconds of looking. Text analysis is an amazing thing and Google labs has options you don’t even know exist.

          • Ash says:

            I’ll own anything I post, I just wonder why you felt the need to go looking in the first place.

          • Ashley, it was a case of curiosity. What comes through loud and clear when you play this feminist nut role is symptomatic of plain old batshit crazy. I’m guessing NPD with a mix of BPD. Which is not good to find in women.

            You really need to look into getting your crazy catlady starter kit. Only an idiot would take a chance on letting you get pregnant with his child, which means it probably won’t happen. Which means you’ll grow old and bitter, alone. A complete failure as a woman.

          • Ash says:

            Yeah but men love crazy women the most! That’s another truth, but we’ll save that one for another different day.

          • No, crazy in the head usually means crazy in bed. But that’s a huge price to pay and it isn’t worth it. There really isn’t anything to save, because men who are willing to put up with a woman that’s batshit crazy just to get sex are idiots. That, or they’re out in the sociopath end of the pool.

        • SnapperTrx says:

          You have missed the point entirely.

          • Ash says:

            The point is this: There’s absolutely no excuse to touch someone sexually without their consent. Just because rich and famous guys claim they can get away with it is not an excuse. And because you can walk into a strip bar and finger some pole dancer and she “likes” it and staff are too irresponsible to kick clients out to don’t obey the rules is also not an excuse. Don’t fucking do it, or you’ll risk running into a bitch like me who might break your damn hand.

          • Ashley, the tantrum is getting old. You only think you’re a bitch. What you really want is a man that will make you melt inside. Go find a girlfriend, because you won’t get what you want unless you’re part of a package deal.

          • SFC Ton says:

            Lol if a man waits for consent he’ll never get to touch a woman.

            As for breaking a man’s hand… darling you must be high off your own vagina fumes. That shit only happens in the movies

          • Ash says:

            There are ways to initiate sexual contact with an already willing participant if you send and receive the right signals.

            If you are on a date with a woman, and the end of the date, you hug her, then look into her eyes as you continue to hold her close to you, then slowly lean in for a kiss, and if she doesn’t resist, then you kiss her. You didn’t necessarily have to ask for the verbal permission to kiss her, but you waited to give her the option to opt out.

            So there’s that, but then we have Trump’s comments who suggest behaving in a way that doesn’t give women the option to resist *before* he touches or kisses them. That’s where it crosses the line. The reaction he’d get from woman to woman may vary, but none of that matters. You should always wait to at least get a signal from a woman saying that she welcomes your physical contact.

          • Punkin, you finally stated the issue. Finally. The point you are missing is that you ASSUME from the comment that the nonverbal communication isn’t happening. You ASSUME the woman is not signaling him that he can have whatever he wants. I’m beginning to think you’ve never had your boundaries pushed hard by an attractive man… only to discover you don’t have any.

            I’m beginning to think you’ve never met a really charismatic man with high confidence who gave you any of his attention. And who said anything about a date? You’ve never met a man and wound up naked with him 30 minutes later? Call it animal attraction. It happens. If it ever happens to you, you’ll know it.

  3. Eduardo the Magnificent says:

    I’ve heard many cucks saying he is justifying sexual assault. When I point out that line “when you’re a star they let you”, they literally cannot handle it. “They let you.” They simply cannot wrap their heads around this assumed consent, probably because they’ve never experienced it.

  4. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Ashley, Did you come here to pick a fight with the boys? I don’t know about you but I can think of better things to do with the opposite sex. I would like to ask you, “Is it normal for women to throw themselves at celebrities?” It is not that far removed that these women would allow liberties to be taken.
    Not that it has much bearing but, while men can have “groupies”, it seems that women don’t. That is another head scratcher.

    • Ash says:

      All I really want to do is discuss the lines between what is and what isn’t appropriate initiative sexual contact between two people in different situations.

      If a woman is throwing herself at a celebrity, we could say she’s likely giving nonverbal cues that convey consent. I just worry about more casual situations where men might get/give the the message that they can feel up the hot chick standing in front of them in line, or at a party, or wherever else without signals, just because they are alpha and can supposedly get away with it. One can get away with many things in life, but it doesn’t mean they should still do it.

      • This is the part that’s really difficult for a lot of women, because women judge other women far worse than men do. Women will call out another woman as a slut in a heartbeat, but as a rule, men won’t.

        What you are really worried about is that lesser, unattractive men will feel like they can do the things a highly attractive man can do. And I’m sure that makes you nervous because you’re personalizing this and all you’re seeing in your mind’s eye is icky beta-boys trying to grope you.

        I get it. Which is why I made the point in the post that for a highly attractive man, women will do amazing things. If you were highly attracted to a man and he indicated he wanted you, you would make up excuses, drive a hundred miles, crawl through a window and hide in his closet for hours waiting for his wife to leave just so you could climb in bed with him.

        But the very idea that you would do that for a lesser man is ludicrous. The point is that Trump has been one of those highly attractive men all his life. The fact that all of his wives and girlfriends have been very attractive women and none of them have ever had any bad things to say about him is very telling.

        You have not been trying to discuss appropriate lines between what is and what is not appropriate sexual contact, you have been trying to reshape the narrative.

        • Ash says:

          I do agree that women judge women more harshly than men judge women. Women call other women sluts when they feel like she could be a threat to her relationship. Men call women sluts when they don’t get what they want from women.

          It’s not just “icky beta boys” I wouldn’t want sexually touching me without my signaling or permission. It’s anyone. I don’t care how good looking, rich, or powerful they are, they are to understand my boundaries, and yes I have rejected wealthy and attractive men who overstepped those lines. I don’t give anyone a free pass. That needs to be earned. That’s the nature of men and women. Men chase, women choose. Women are the gatekeepers of sex. Prince called it pussy control.

          I think that is the narrative being challenged right now.

  5. Renee Harris says:

    Well goodness I meet a friend for ice cream and there 28 common. Well I’ve never seen the Toad based on his writings, biblical knowledge and sense of humor he’s far more attractive than Donald Trump. Therefore I wonder if he speaking from personal. Experience.
    I personally find Trump repugnant but I like your budget plan better than Clinton he seem to live by the rule the real men live by: never asked for forgiveness nor permission.
    PS Jeffrey Skilling had a lot more women than Trump just Saying

  6. Andreas says:

    It’s like clockwork… Lose women will come up to you in a cozy/willing manner, whenever you’re the man in charge. Any such woman will however still bitch about you to her girlfriends, in an attempt to gain some social leverage against you. Her girlfriends may even come up to you with some made up allegations, or an exhortation of how one should treat a women right etc. It’s all dishonest manipulation of course, but it isn’t necessarily all a bad thing, as long as you know how to deal with it. Be careful though. Anybody who becomes hooked on drama and ‘fun’, will end up in an addictive downward spiral.

    Women who are actually worthwhile, can only be approached through a proper authority figure. And a good woman will never approach you unless she has been told to.

    These things aren’t of course totally black and white, but as a general rule, I’d say I’m accurate enough.

    • SFC Ton says:

      They are all lose women if your Frame is strong/ status high enough. I’ve had women offer sex while holding my baby, my other child on one side & my then wife on the other side.

      A general point, women know next to nothing about how women operate(including themselves). Which is why their advice to men about women is so horrible.

      • Andreas says:

        A society of legalized lawlessness that knows no fear of God, is going to be decadent. I have no argument with that. But women who actually fear the God-given authority of their husbands, are not going to be so easily enticed/tricked. Fear of true authority is what protects you from having your primal drives used against you. It acts like an insulator that maintains internal oder and keeps outside threats away.

        To turn your argument on it’s head. One might say that all men will turn into simps, if a woman is just beautiful enough.

        • SFC Ton says:

          LOL most men will which is why the ones who won’t are highly valued

          I seen enough of “God fearing wives” to know there really aren’t any such things. Maybe 2 out of a million. And that’s likely to be a generous estimate

          And the nawalt/ unicorn argument is flat out ridiculous. Men have to deal in the reality of women not the mythical ideal

      • Andreas says:

        Well how many qualified men are there around, who know the meaning of Godly fear, and are able to teach it?

        I could just as well say… That I’ve seen enough “christians” to know that there isn’t a God. But God has a remnant for himself, like He has always had. Even when things look bleak.

        We live in a fallen word. I would however advice against conforming yourself to that reality, because it’s all vanity.

      • Andreas says:

        Sure, it may seem like I’m shifting around a bit to you, because you’re judging my words from a over-simplified or narrow point of view. That is why you’re also trying to put words/arguments in my mouth.

  7. thedeti says:


    I haven’t been here before. this is an interesting post. and it’s absolutely correct.

    everyone knows that famous men, wealthy men, powerful men, and attractive men conduct their private sex lives in EXACTLY the way Trump described.

    These men do whatever they want. They cheat on their wives, sometimes with the wives’ knowledge. They sleep with high end expensive prostitutes, some of whom are very attractive. They snort coke off hot girls’ asses. They do drugs and get shitfaced drunk with hot women and have sex with them. They have sex with strippers. They manhandle these women, they disrespect them. They have threesomes and orgies. If some reports are to be believed, some of these men have sex with underage girls. In some Arabian countries, some American women who are wannabe instagram models go there and are paid to let these very rich men indulge some… interesting sexual fetishes.

    And no one says anything about it. What Trump said was absolutely true – if you’re rich and famous, you can treat women like shit, manhandle them, grab them, and have whatever kinds of sex you want to with them, and no one bats an eye.

    • “if you’re rich and famous, you can treat women like shit”

      I’d say it a bit differently- if you’re highly attractive, women want to be treated like shit by you. They want to be manhandled, grabbed, rode hard and put away wet. And they’ll wait by the phone for your call afterward.

  8. mala says:

    Oh, FFS! There are many women who would find Trump attractive, I’ve no doubt. Money is more attractive to most women than whatever power he has. But his insecurity, petulance, and inability to tell the truth are traits that plenty of women would find utterly repulsive. I don’t care about the pussy grabbing comment — he actually spoke the truth when he said that. Not to mention, women who are financially independent and do not care about how much money a man has, would not be swayed around to thinking he was attractive. Blech.

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