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Voicing Disagreement…

A recent commenter popped in to display his opinions and got it wrong across the board.  Regular readers will be able to spot the errors: I’m not voicing disagreement with your statement that sex=marriage, but in “corinthians 7 Now concerning … Continue reading

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Perverting The Ideal Husband

In recent comments, commenter Pode said: choosing to be submissive will make a good man more attractive. Choosing an attractive (dominant) man will not make him more good, which is the common female fantasy of the reformed bad boy. The … Continue reading

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On The Nature Of Assholes

What Is An Asshole? Much like the word attractive, the appellation of “asshole” is a subjective one. One cannot appreciate the concept of what attractive is without the unattractive in comparison.  In the same way, to appreciate assholes one must … Continue reading

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