Theology For Men of the West: Doctrine of Demons

In the last post we saw that God’s wrath on the West came in the form of removing His influence and restraint.   God didn’t cause bad things to happen, He simply stopped restraining people from following their evil desires.  The reason for this was modern idolatry- the theory of evolution.  Because they knew God and turned their backs to Him, claiming He wasn’t the Creator because we’d evolved by mere chance…  God decided to stop helping everyone and removed His restraining influence.  He turned them over to their evil desires.

Forbidding Marriage

Another aspect of this is found in a prophesy that Paul made in 1st Timothy 4:1-5, wherein evil things happen because of the doctrine of demons taught by deceitful spirits and evil men.   Specifically, we’re looking at the first part of verse 3 (underlined):

But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, by means of the hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron, men who forbid marriage…”

The word translated as “forbid” is kóluó (Strong’s 2967).  Definition:  I prevent, debar, hinder; with infin: from doing so and so.  The English definition of the word “debar” is exclude or prohibit (someone) officially from doing something.

The “something” being forbidden is marriage, which was designed by God.  We have already covered the fact that “modern marriage” is not the marriage that God designed.  Why would it be the doctrine of demons to prevent or hinder marriage?

The depraved passion of feminism has caused women to give up the natural function of being a wife and mother under the authority of her husband for the unnatural, which is the rejection of men and any form of marriage at all.   I would certainly call feminism both a depraved passion as well as a doctrine of demons that excludes and hinders marriage.  After all, the feminists told us “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” 

The teaching that “sex doesn’t make you married” produced the widespread promiscuity of today’s culture, because the official position of the churchians is sex with a virgin does not create a marriage.  The churchians teach that it’s only “premarital sex” and God will forgive them, so what’s the point of “saving yourself” for marriage?  They don’t, which sets the women up as lifelong adulteresses.

This is the way of Baalam, placing a stumbling block before God’s people.  The result of this is within the church at least 80% of the people who think they are married are not, they are living together in adultery.  Why does the church have no power?  Because they are in sin.  Who teaches the doctrines of feminism and forbidding marriage?  Feminist, churchian leaders cause the people to hear the lies,

“the hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron”

According to Genesis 2:24, when the eligible virgin is penetrated by the man, she is married with that act.  Yet, today the marriage that results is “forbidden” by modern churchian leadership, who claim that no such marriage exists because sex does not create a marriage.  The Holy Spirit prophesied through Paul this would happen in 1st Timothy 4:3.  The result of this doctrine of demons is widespread adultery both in and outside the church.  The so-called “epidemic of divorce” does not exist because the vast, vast majority of such “divorces” do not end marriages, they end adulterous unions.

Of course, one could always view the “forbid marriage” in the traditional light of the RCC-Prot fight, that Catholic priests are not allowed to be married.   For multiple reasons such as the advice of the Apostle Paul and the teaching of Jesus, this is a poor second choice in the matter.  Why would it be a doctrine of demons when Paul said he wished others were as he was, celibate in order to focus his energy on the Kingdom of the Lord?

Some might say this represents a Christian MGTOW teaching, but Churchianity and MGTOW are completely incompatible.  Paul’s prophecy was to the church, about some falling away from the faith because of these teachings.  However, there is another aspect to this forbidding of marriage.

The Real Reason For Attacks On Marriage

In modern times, who are the enemies of the family?  First and foremost must be the depraved passion of feminism.  Second, we have churchians and their depraved marital doctrines of ‘servant leadership’ and ‘mutual submission’ that destroy marriages.   Feminism is completely in control of the government, which it uses as a tool to destroy families with the blessing of the churchians.

Why is the family such a target for destruction?  The simple answer is that in general, individuals become Christians prior to puberty based on the teaching and example of their parents.  Church growth follows population growth because it is rare for an adult who is set in their ways to repent and become a Christian.  Guess what?  It is the father who determines whether the children become members of the church, not the mothers.  A study proving this was done in 1994 and published in 2000, but hardly anyone has heard of it.  It is not available online (surprise) but but can be purchased.

The most critical information that came out of that study involves the impact of the father’s religious behavior on the children.  The following table lays out the religious attendance practice of adult children according to the attendance practice of their parents.  Regular attendance, irregular attendance and no attendance, in percentages (%).

Parents Parents Children Children Children Children
Father Mother Regular Irregular None Total
Regular Regular 32.8 41.4 25.8 100.0
Regular Irregular 37.7 37.6 24.7 100.0
Regular None 44.2 22.4 33.4 100.0
Irregular Regular 3.4 58.6 38.0 100.0
Irregular Irregular 7.8 60.8 31.4 100.0
Irregular None 25.4 22.8 51.8 100.0
None Regular 1.5 37.4 61.1 100.0
None Irregular 2.3 37.8 59.9 100.0
None None 4.6 14.7 80.7 100.0

Let’s red-pill this and look at the numbers.  We assume the children will attend church as adults because they have become Christians as children.

  • A devout father has the greatest impact on the children regardless of his wife’s behavior and in terms of regular attendance of the children as adults, this occurs most frequently when the wife is not in attendance at all.
  • A father who has only irregular attendance has only a negligible impact on the regular attendance of the children unless the wife is not in attendance at all.  The adult children will generally tend to mirror his irregular attendance.
  • Remove the father and regardless of the mothers attendance, the children will at best only attend church irregularly as adults and the vast majority of the children will be lost to the church.


Forbidding Polygyny

The incredible pressure to destroy families and get fathers out of the children’s lives is explained with this information, because destroying the family is the key to destroying the church.  Which brings us to a fascinating point:  When it comes to the issue of “forbid marriage” it seems polygyny is the keystone.  Let’s look at why Satan is opposed to it so much.

We know that Satan does not work against himself.  The central burning question is why feminists and churchians both hate the idea of polygyny with such a passion.  Why, at every turn, is polygyny opposed with such determination and ferocity?  Why do the homosexuals oppose it?  Why does virtually every player on the field oppose it?

Let’s look at this from the opposite side:  why do churchians, feminists, homosexuals and virtually all enemies of the family espouse the doctrine of strict monogamy?  If polygyny was so bad and evil as all the little churchians say, why is it that Satan’s hard-hitters are so opposed to it?

  • Socially imposed monogamy is a structure designed to fail because it gives women a monopoly by removing the threat of competition.  Strict monogamy removes accountability from women.
  • Social acceptance of multiple wives redefines marriage as patriarchal instead of feminist (monogamous) marriage.  With the acceptance that men may legitimately have more than one wife, there is no longer “monogamy” or “polygyny” but only marriage.   Some have multiple wives, the vast majority have only one, but there is always the possibility a second wife could be added.  Women no longer have a monopoly.
  • Only high-value men can achieve a polygynous marriage, but such a marriage ensures they are disproportionately represented in the number of their offspring compared to men with only one wife.
  • Multiple wives is the death-blow to feminism because it emphasizes the separate and distinct standards of sexual morality for men and women.  Men and women are not equal.
  • High-value men with multiple wives are an example for men to strive for because the structure of a polygynous marriage make the husband more dominant and the wives more feminine if the man is capable of handling more than one wife.


Objections:  Mormons and Islam

This should be obvious.  The Satanic goal is the destruction of the church so the intermediate objective is the destruction of Christian families.  Opposition to patriarchal marriage needs a boogy-man, which comes in the form of renegade Mormons (FLDS) and Islam.  Both have three central characteristics to the marriages, the first of which is the idea that all men should have more than one wife.  History shows us that in societies that permitted polygyny, very few men had more than one wife.  The study of Game informs us that only a small percentage of men are high-value (attractive) enough to garner the serious attention of multiple women.  The result of this “all men should be poly” attitude creates two characteristics in their marriages.

Child brides.  There reason both groups have a tendency toward child brides, which is that most men are not of sufficiently high value for adult women to willingly choose to share them.   The prepubescent or barely pubescent girls are married off to adult men before they have the maturity and strength of character to reject them.

Disposable sons.  In the FLDS communities, these disposable sons become the “lost boys” who are not up to par and thus discarded.  Ejected from the community to make a life somewhere else because there will not be enough women for them to have even one wife.  In the Islamic world, the sons are sent off to jihad.  The appeal of strapping on a suicide vest to get a quick entry into paradise and 72 virgins must hold some appeal to these men who have no hope of getting a wife in this life.

The combination of these characteristics produces dysfunctional marriages and social conflict.  Churchians point to the problems with such marriages in the FLDS and Muslim communities as if the form of marriage is at fault.  We know there is nothing wrong with the form of marriage because God designed it.  Yet, the form of the marriage is tarred with the brush of abuse within the context of Mormonism and Islam.

The result is God’s design for marriage is rejected by Christians as being a characteristic of the Godless heathens, leaving the Christians with the churchian feminist marriage of enforced monopoly for women.  Nobody every said demons were stupid…

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18 Responses to Theology For Men of the West: Doctrine of Demons

  1. SnapperTrx says:

    This series of posts has been highly educational! Thanks, Toad.

  2. anglosaxon says:

    Does the bible have anything to say regarding massive immigration, multiculturalism and diversity? Be interesting to know what God thinks about it. The usual churchian response is to parrot what the government says, I.E that massive immigration is the Best Thing Ever and anyone who disagrees is a Hatefilled Hater.

    If your timeline in the previous post is correct then we still have multiple decades before judgement is going to happen. I’ve been looking into the christian conspiracies surrounding the New World Order, I’ve got no idea how accurate that stuff is. General consensus is that very bad people are in charge and they want to establish anti christ and murder most if not all the christians.

  3. If your timeline in the previous post is correct then we still have multiple decades before judgement is going to happen

    I believe the timeline to be correct. Going by a 28 year generation, we have 12 years to go before the end of this one. And, having said that, the generational period is guesswork. Verse 27 puts things on the timeline for us with AIDS and after that it’s a matter of fit. I was trying to fit things for the US, which is not mentioned at all in any of the end-time prophecies. There will be another post coming later regarding another prophesy (Isaiah 3:1-4:2) that I’ll discuss, but this can be rather difficult. God’s comment to Abraham in Genesis 15 is relevant to this when He explained that Abraham’s descendants would not occupy the land for another 400 years:

    For the sin of the Amorites has not yet reached its full measure.

    Most people see what they want to see, they don’t see what is; and God’s timeline is rather difficult to comprehend. One example:

    In Revelation 18 (a lament for Babylon) we have the eagle saying “Babylon is fallen, is fallen” and the following verses all concern international trade. There is a significant group who believe that the US is the modern Babylon (New York City), which is both a location and a system (fiat-money debt-slavery). So, if New York City is the modern Babylon, could the “is fallen, is fallen” represent the twin towers coming down? Let’s say that it is. That happened in 2001.

    Later we have the angel showing John how Babylon will be destroyed. A strong angel took a great stone, as a millstone, and cast it into the sea. Babylon will be destroyed within one hour. Got that? Go now and do some research on Cumbre Vieja, a volcano in the Western Canary Islands. On the western escarpment there is a huge piece of rock that is already fractured on 3 sides, measuring about 26x14x1.5 kilometers. Broad and flat, like a millstone. One good earthquake and about 120 cubic miles of rock goes into the ocean. According to researchers, the displacement will cause a series of tidal waves anywhere from 25 to 50 meters high to hit the Eastern Seaboard of the US about 6 hours later. For about an hour they will be slammed with tidal wave after tidal wave.

    I also happen to know the publicly available data regarding what is likely to happen is not correct, the computer modeling demonstrated the tidal waves will be significantly larger than what is publicly predicted.

    Now, having said all that, IF NYC is the modern Babylon and IF the “is fallen, is fallen” represents the destruction of the World Trade Center, we’re already seeing a sixteen year gap within that chapter. The text gives no indication when the actual destruction of Babylon will take place, yet there is no mention of the West in the end-times prophesies. Unless, of course, Babylon is the label for the entire US, or just New York City. All of which is to heap speculation upon supposition.

    All of which means that prophesy is a very tricky thing from the front end, but in hindsight it becomes very apparent.

    • anglosaxon says:

      So the worlds finance could be destroyed and a lot of people killed at any time? Golly. At least it would end debt slavery, but then doesn’t the mark of the beast follow shortly after with all/most Christians being murdered?

      I did some research today into how the govt has spent all the money it took from people in National Insurance (Social Sec) and now there are massive pension liabilities which will never be paid. When they could have just not taxed us and we would have invested the money. The govt just taxes you as much as they like, and then go waste the money and give you crap schools, crap pension, crap healthcare and crap neighbourhoods. All the while they spy on you, control your speech and live in luxury. Bit of a rant but I need to let it out.

  4. Renee Harris says:

    Sir anglosaxon

    This video may interest you it’s about flight the NWO. I personally don’t care for his personality but the info is good

    • anglosaxon says:

      I’ll take a look thanks.

      • anglosaxon says:

        I had a look. I don’t know how credible this guy is, he seems to have a lot of anger. I stopped looking at these conspiracy type videos because I’ve got no idea who is trustworthy.

        • Renee Harris says:

          F so I appreciate that. However I was just looking for the information. I’m a black woman and some of the things that he anger me. I just point in time there are very few people that I trust however I look for information everywhere outside of the mainstream media

  5. NoLongerBlind says:

    Artisanal Toad,

    I’ve been a long time lurker on your blog and have finally decided to post on here. I will try to keep my question brief but if it winds up being a little longwinded, I apologize.

    To start with, this question is about salvation and while I realize that you have stated that sharing the Gospel is not the primary purpose of your blog and I also know that salvation is not a topic you normally address, you are one of the few Bible teachers I have found who can logically and consistently defend his position. Most I have found cannot, and the fact that you can is why I come to you with this question.

    When I was about 11 years old I prayed to receive Christ into my heart. Through the years, due to habitual sins in my life that I can’t seem to shake, I have frequently questioned whether or not I am saved and have prayed many more times for Christ to save me – more times than I can count.

    When I read your writings and more specifically saw what you called “the litmus test of Christianity” – these worries became more pronounced. If the litmus test of a Christian is that he will obey Christ if he is truly saved, does the fact that I cannot get rid of these sins mean that I am not really saved?
    I have other theological questions and questions regarding becoming fit to rule, but to me this question is the most pressing. If I am not truly saved, then I have bigger problems than my social and sexual market place value to worry about. I worry more about my eternity than I do my time here.

    Regardless of whether or not you can help me, thank you for your time and for these articles. They have helped me realize and correct a number of errors in my own beliefs.

    • I wonder if you realize how much fighting there has been over the years concerning this question.

      Let’s start with paradigm, because this seems to be the one gaping hole that modern evangelism overlooks. It is often said that all one has to do is make a “decision for Christ” or to “accept Jesus” and “pray the prayer” and you’ll be saved. Just as with so many questions about the Law and how that applies to Christians, we must look at what is actually happening.

      I should probably do a post on this with all the supporting Scripture, and I probably will at some point, but for now I’ll just lay out the narrative. Everyone is born dead in trespasses and sin, a slave to sin. As Paul said, the Law is a schoolmaster that teaches us that we sin. He said he did not know what coveting was until he understood the Law and then he understood that he was covetous.

      Slavery to sin is not slavery to a physical master. It is slavery to a paradigm, a way of life. It is being in bondage to unrighteousness.

      Christianity is the faith that Jesus lived His life on earth as a man who was not born in sin. He lived His life without sin and according to the will of His Father, He was put to death as an innocent man, executed on a Roman cross. Which is a particularly ugly way to go if you know anything about it.

      According to the requirements of the Law and the prophecies that foretold of Him, all was done in accordance with what was written. Jesus was sacrificed as the sin offering for the entire world. On the third day, Jesus was raised from the dead. Interestingly, not only was He raised from the dead but many others were raised from the dead at the same time. After He was raised from the dead He appeared to His disciples and to many others, over 500 witnessed this. Following a period in which He appeared to others He ascended into heaven through the air.

      You were born dead in trespasses and sin. The wages of sin is death, thus you have a death-penalty hanging over your head. There is one, however, who paid that penalty by dying in your place. The question is whether you believe that. Do you believe that God raised Him from the dead?

      John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” Sounds simple, right? What does that mean?

      Jesus said “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. For my burden is light and my yoke is easy.”

      Becoming a Christian is to have faith that Jesus died for you, that the price He paid is sufficient, that He was raised from the dead and is now seated at the right hand of the Father. The “prayer” is the act of asking Him to be the Lord of your life. Your Master. Which makes you His slave. Baptism is the act by which you publicly acknowledge Him to be your Master and you are His servant. His bondservant, His permanent slave.

      Yes, it is written that “If someone comes to you and says ‘I have come to know Him’ but does not keep His commandments, that person is a liar and the truth is not in him.” It is also written that

      “Everyone who practices sin practices lawlessness as well. Indeed, sin is lawlessness. But you know that Christ appeared to take away sins, and in Him there is no sin. No one who remains in Him keeps on sinning. No one who continues to sin has seen Him or known Him.”

      What does it mean to continue in sin or to practice sin? It is ridiculous to think that by becoming a Christian that your habits will automatically be changed. There is a process called sanctification that you go through as you conform your mind and heart to your Master’s will. In order to do that you must know what your Master’s will is. You get that from the Bible. One of the hallmarks of churchians is they can’t be bothered to read their Bible.

      Who is Jesus, your Master? He is God the Son, the Word made Flesh. Are you His servant? That is your decision and when you turn to Him with all your heart and ask Him to be your Master, He will respond. You will receive the Holy Spirit and He will speak to you through your conscience. If He really is your Master you will desire to obey Him and please Him. If you have no desire to obey Him or to please Him, then He isn’t your Master, is He?

      Now, if you listen to churchians they’ll tell you about lots of sins that aren’t really sins and tell you about other things that are sins, claiming it’s perfectly OK. Read your Bible instead of listening to churchians. When you meet real Christians you’ll be able to tell after a while that they’re the genuine article.

      • NoLongerBlind says:

        Thank you for answering my question. Prior to beginning my search for answers, I was only vaguely aware of some of the various positions held by others on this topic and their hostility to each other; while in school, I was in an environment where I was surrounded by Pentecostals on one side and Calvinists on the other and both sides had no qualms about voicing their position on this subject. It made for some interesting experiences, ranging from varying degrees of passive aggressiveness to verbal confrontations that could have been scenes from a reality show. However, when I began my search, I realized the conflicts were much older and much more numerous, which only deepened my confusion.

        I believe everything you have stated regarding Jesus – that He is God the Son, the Word made Flesh, sent by the Father to die for my sins on the cross, who paid my penalty in full in doing so and who was then buried and after dead and buried was raised again the third day and is now seated at the right hand of the Father. And I do desire to please Him and obey him. It’s just that as you’ve said, churchians can’t be bothered to read their Bible; I’m ashamed to say that I’ve only sporadically read my Bible over the years and even when I did, I did so believing that the interpretations I had been taught all my life were true and so I had no idea how to please Him and therefore wasn’t being sanctified. So I suppose, until recently, I was a churchian. It’s only in the past few months that I’ve begun reading the Bible for myself, though I still haven’t read it on a regular basis. I’ll start doing so.

        Thanks again.

  6. Pingback: Salvation Explained Well – BlendingAme

  7. Renee Harris says:

    Due you very go to Chicago?

  8. Renee Harris says:

    Ever go to Chicago

  9. Pode says:

    NoLongerBlind, Romans 7 may help and encourage you. Even Paul had similar issues.

    AngloSaxon, Deut 23:7-8 along with Exodus 12:48 says that immigrants from historically friendly nations (aka ethnicities, because only moderns entertain the delusion that these are different things) who are so desperate to adopt the host nation culture that they mutilate their own genitals in order to fit in can have their grandchildren accepted as full members of host nation society and then intermarry. Historically hostile ethnics are NEVER allowed to become full citizens. Children of outlawed intermarriages or other forbidden sexual unions and (presumably) neutral ethnics are not allowed to become full citizens until the tenth generation. As is pointed out in several other places, they have the same legal protections as citizens, but they are not part of the assembly of the Lord and so may not intermarry.

    TL;DR: Cut part of your dick off to prove you’re serious and we’ll let you stay here and we’ll treat you right. Act right while you’re on probation and maybe your grandkids or their grandkids grandkids kids can marry one of us.

    [This got caught in the spam filter. Sorry about the delay]

  10. NoLongerBlind says:

    Thank you, Pode. I’ve read Romans 7 before, but sometimes have to be reminded that even Paul struggled.

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