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Strategy For Men of the West: Polygyny

The Mission Of Man The Lord God said to man, be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it, take dominion over it. That wasn’t a polite suggestion, it was a command.  We have an interesting explanation of that, … Continue reading

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When Being A Ruler Isn’t Enough

One of the game-haters recently asked a question that deserves a response. Hey Toad go and see if those same women who mocked and laughed at me will submit to their husbands if they lost their jobs, status, wealth, power, … Continue reading

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Frame, Fitness Tests and Feminism

IT’S  ALL  ABOUT  FRAME In any relationship there is a balance of power and in general one person will be dominant and the other will submit to their dominance.  In any given interaction between people the same dynamic tends to … Continue reading

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Women’s Opinions On Submission and Discipline

A Request For Women’s Opinions On Submission And Discipline As regular readers here know, I’ve had several posts on hypergamy from a Biblical point of view.  I have taken the unpopular position that hypergamy isn’t an evolutionary development in women, … Continue reading

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