From The Horse’s Mouth

I’ve often made the point that polygyny is, by definition, a patriarchal marriage.  When one of the girls admitted to her close friends that she was interested in a poly relationship, they flipped out.  Here she is being lectured by one of her friends who felt it was critical that she understand why poly is just SO WRONG.

Observe the truth of why poly is so hated by feminists:

  • “Not about sex” (Polygyny is the antidote for feminism.)
  • “It’s about power and control” (Poly gives power to the man, not the women)
  • “It damages Gender Equality” (It proves the genders are not equal)
  • “Everything a SIW holds dear is ripped away.” (Clothes, assumptions, pretensions)

Not surprisingly, she didn’t like the response to her message:

“Claiming that poly isn’t about sex is like saying an all-you-can-eat buffet isn’t about food.”

Where you sit determines what you see.


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