The Radical Reboot

Tactical Goal Implementation

This is an example using the outline of a book that I wrote years ago.  Some might question the morality of what I propose and explain here, but there is nothing immoral about refusing to participate in an evil system.  I leave it to the conscience of each to determine how something like this can be handled.

Situation:  You were married at 27 and divorced by your wife at 31 which financially wiped you out.  She got permission to move to the other side of the country and has alienated your children from you.  You lost your job and your new one is at a much lower salary, meaning you are unable to pay the child support ordered by the court.  You are now 34 and your credit score is below 500.  Currently you have not been sued by the state for non-payment of child support but it’s only a matter of time.


Mission Basics:  Drop off the grid, get back on your feet, put yourself back together and move on to enjoy a successful life.  This will require obtaining savings of around $20,000 to $25,000 from your work, engaging in a vigorous program of physical fitness to get your body in shape, learning Game and researching your best career opportunities for later pursuit.

Enemy:  The legal system that forces you into peonage.  Your children were stolen from you and the mother of your children is capable of having you thrown in jail with a single phone call.  She can ask for a protective order and it will automatically be granted to her.  She can alienate your children and there is nothing you can do about it.  It isn’t the mother of your children who is the true enemy, it is the evil system itself that allows and promotes such things.

Terrain:  Extremely Hostile.  The enemy controls all the terrain in the US.  It is possible to move around and survive as long as it’s done quietly and there are certain terrain features that offer concealment if not cover.  However, the goal is not to merely survive, but to thrive.  This requires careful planning and execution.

Support:  You are on your own, you cannot depend on anyone else for any length of time.  Family members should be avoided.  If you have support it will be that support you create.

Time Available:  The younger you are the greater your array of options, but you have little time.  This mission is typically complete within two years and is designed to give you a lifestyle makeover.

Execution:  Recognize that your life has been changed, forever.  Your children have been stolen from you and there is nothing you can do about it.  The system that is in place is designed to enslave you and it’s your choice as to whether you want to continue in slavery or avoid that system.

Phase 1:  Become voluntarily homeless to drop off the grid and cut expenses to the bone.  Obtain a van for cash (no car payments) using a LLC so your name isn’t on the title and convert it into a temporary home.  This requires 4 things:

♦  A gym membership where you work out, shower and shave, daily.
♦  A full-time job and a part-time job in the service sector where you interact with people.  These tend to be low-income jobs, such as a clerk at a convenience store.
♦  A place you can park the van when you sleep, preferably a place where you can plug in an extension cord to power electronics in the van.
♦  A laundry service where you can drop off dirty clothes and pick up clean clothing.

If done carefully, it is possible to have monthly expenses of $500 or less while making $2,400 per month.  If at all possible, find jobs that pay in cash and don’t carry you on the books.  In this economy that isn’t nearly as difficult as it once was, but it requires a business that is privately owned.  This is not possible with a corporate-owned business.

There are certain things you will not do:

♦  Smoke.  A pack of cigarettes per day is a $150 per month habit, more in some places.  If you smoke, quit.
♦  Drink alcohol.  This plan is designed to keep you busy.  You don’t have the money or the time to drink.
♦  Use drugs.  Unless it’s required for life or performance, the cost is too much.  Don’t do it.
♦  Purchase soft drinks, junk food, fast food or any items you don’t absolutely need.
♦  Drive your vehicle unnecessarily.

There are certain things you will do.

♦  You will make it your focus to develop your body such that you are as attractive as possible.  As a rule this involves losing fat and gaining muscle.  It includes finding a suitable hairstyle and developing a clothing style that accentuates your personal style.
♦  You will diligently learn and internalize game and never again allow a woman to put you in this position again.  Game, however, changes your personality such that you are more charismatic and it’s easier to make friends and develop relationships with people.
♦  You will learn to live far below your means and always maintain a positive cash flow.  You will avoid making emotional purchases and never own any regulated property in your name.
♦  You will continue with this project while you change your lifestyle and save up a nest egg of available funds.

Phase 2:

After a year to 18 months of this lifestyle, working out every morning in the gym, your body should be in reasonably good shape.  At this point you should have dropped the spare tire and built some muscle.  Due to working as much as possible and living very frugally, you should have savings of $20,000 to $30,000.  Learning Game and working in an environment in which you are able to interact with people and develop your game means interacting with the public should be much easier.  Living in such a small space you become organized and learn the value of simplicity and frugality.

Now it’s time to make a few changes.  Quit your jobs and head for South Florida.  From Tampa to Port Charlotte, there are thousands of boatyards and hundreds of abandoned boats that get sold every month or two.  The reason is that for most people boats are nothing more than a toy and they’re expensive toys.  If you live on the boat, however, the boat is now very cheap housing.

Repeat the operation you’ve been doing.  Find a job, a gym and a laundry.  Figure out where you can park for the night.  Go around and ask questions to find out where some likely boats are that will go for cheap.  Your goal is to purchase a boat that you can live on.  You can purchase them for anywhere from $2000 to $8000.  How to go about doing this won’t be covered in this op order.

Purchase the boat, get it in the water and get it to a marina.  You need to choose your marina carefully in terms of location and choose your location carefully in terms of marina.  You have the entire Gulf Coast available.  Your choice should center on a location where you can easily find work and go to school to learn a new trade.

Transportation is now the question.  On one hand, the van is paid for.  On the other hand, you might want to drive something a little more in keeping with your new lifestyle.  I still recommend looking carefully to find a cherry Mercedes 450SL (with both hard and soft tops) that’s been lovingly handled by only one or two owners.  You can regularly find them on Ebay for $6000 to $8000.  They typically have low miles and have always been maintained at the Mercedes dealership.  It’s a classic ride with plenty of power at an affordable price.

A van is really handy if you have a boat because you can haul large items in it easily.  If you can keep the van parked securely in the marina and you can work out an affordable insurance package for both cars, by all means keep it.  The van can be quite handy if you need to take any trips because you’re already used to sleeping in it.

If you have issues with the system looking for you, it’s better to drive the van.  Minivans in particular are ubiquitous and they don’t garner attention from law enforcement when driven by a conservative-looking man.  As long as you obey the traffic laws they’re practically invisible.

Phase 3:

After 18 to 30 months of maintaining this lifestyle, your body should be fit and looking good.   You should have spent no more than $16,000 of your nest egg, which leaves you with a minimum of $4000 left.  Or, you could have managed this for $10,000 which would leave you at least an equal amount.  Or, perhaps you only bought the boat and you’ve still got the vast majority of that money.  You should be working full time and at this point the system is most likely trying to find you.  There really isn’t a lot of difference between living on a boat and living in your van, but in terms of public perception it’s day and night.  Live in your vehicle and you’re homeless.  Living on your yacht in the marina has cachet.

At this point you should have solid game and there’s something about boats…  and female companionship won’t be a problem.   Or, to put it another way, if it’s a problem it’s because you’ve got too much companionship.

Living on a boat is still considered being homeless in the eyes of the court system.  There are ways to work without coming up on the radar, without a new identity, just as there are ways to get a new identity.  Your job now is to develop a new career.  While you could keep on doing what you’re doing, that won’t work for the long haul.  The key is education and training, which is outside the scope of this plan.


The boat is quite literally a mobile home, so don’t be afraid to move from time to time.  Don’t get too comfortable in one spot, so if your neighbors annoy you, move on.  Try to find waterfront homeowners with dock-space who will allow you to tie up at their dock for a few hundred dollars a month.  It’s possible to develop a good relationship with them, especially if they’re older folks, by helping them with outside chores.

Keep your boat spotless, inside and out.  If necessary, hire a maid service occasionally to clean the inside.  Maintain all the systems on your boat and take it out regularly.  You’ll find that it makes a great weekend date.  Take the boat out to a quiet spot, drop the anchor, grill some food, have some wine and watch the sun set together.

Keep the boat stocked with at least a week’s worth of food for two people and keep the fuel tank above 3/4 full at all times.  Have all necessary tools and spare parts on board necessary to overcome breakdowns.  Ensure the boat is always ready to leave the dock within 30 minutes.

Invest in a solid-state computer for the boat and a good wifi directional antenna.  Quite frequently you can access a wireless signal from someone living close to the shore while anchored offshore a good distance away.

Use prepaid cell phones that are not associated with your name and be aware that all cell phones are now tracking devices.

Never list the Marina as your home address, never receive mail or packages or even order a pizza delivery to the marina.  If you must have a mailing address there are numerous privacy books that explain how to accomplish this.

Organize your life such that you don’t have bills mailed to you.  Any payments you cannot make in person should be made online, but you should not have any such payments other than automotive insurance and corporate fees.

Do not have bank accounts under your name.  If you need to keep money in the bank for safety reasons, purchase a cashiers check made out to you and put the receipt in a safe place.  If the check is lost or destroyed, the money can be recovered.  While the check is outstanding the money is in the bank’s general account not associated with your name.